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→ Oct 2014

I found a job in Colorado I am more than qualified for and it starts between 45k and 50k. Sam and I discussed the possibility; neither of us have much to lose. Neither of us has much furniture. A big move would be easy.

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read this poem in class yesterday and it’s still on my mind
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Baby face. Freckled and pouty.

Appreciate my natural pout c’mon
→ Oct 2014

A coworker introduced me to someone as a helper and when I stood up to say hi, the person stepped back and said, “oh wow she’s beautiful.” What a nice way to start my morning

→ Sep 2014

I still love how my boyfriend looks at me, wiggles his eyebrows up and down, and says, “sexy time?” to ask for sex. Every time. I’ll never get over it. And the worst part? Is I wiggle my eyebrows up and down as well and reply, “sexy time.”

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→ Sep 2014
→ Sep 2014 Baby face. Freckled and pouty.
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"old money" by lana del rey

where have you been? where did you go?
those summer nights seem long ago,
so is the girl you used to call the queen of new york city

but if you send for me, you know i’ll come
and if you call for me, you know i’ll run
i’ll run to you, i’ll run to you, i’ll run, run, run
i’ll come to you, i’ll come to you, i’ll come, come, come

the power of youth is on my mind
sunsets, small town, i’m out of time
will you still love me when i shine
from words, but not from beauty?

my father’s love was always strong,
my mother’s glamour lives on and on,
yet still inside, i felt alone for reasons unknown to me

(Source: thelosthighwayofmymind)

→ Sep 2014